Seven on Seven Soccer is played between two teams of 7 players each, including a maximum of 5 substitutes. Non-playing managers are not considered part of the team.


Overarching Rules

  1. Players may not play for more than one team.
  2. Teams must have a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 12 players on the roster.
  3. Teams are HIGHLY encouraged to have at least 10 players on the roster to account for injury, tardiness, and other unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Participants must assume full responsibility for any injury that may occur during the tournament. Participation is completely voluntary.
  5. Soccer cleats or closed toed sneakers must be worn. ABSOLUTELY NO BAREFEET, FOOTBALL/BASEBALL/TRACK CLEATS, OR FLIP-FLOPS.
  6. All players must wear shin guards, or will not be allowed to play.
  7. All players must wear the same color jerseys/shirts during play. If both teams are wearing the same color then pennies will be provided to the designated “home” team.
  8. Goalkeepers must wear colors that distinguish them from all other players and referee.
  9. Substitutions can be made on the fly.
  10. There shall be no offsides called.
  11. For safety, all JEWELRY must be removed including but not limited to the following: earrings, watches, wedding bands, friendships bracelets, tongue rings, nose rings, religious bracelets or rings within the eyebrow(s). The only exception is medical i.d. jewelry. In addition, Marjaan will not assume responsibility for any lost or broken jewelry.
  12. Baseball caps, toboggans with balls attached, bandanas or any other hard hair holding devices will be prohibited.
  13. Team members may be added to their team rosters/entry forms prior to the playing of the first game of the tournament. No roster changes are allowed after the first game. If a team is not on the field ready to play at game time, they will forfeit the game at the discretion of management.
  14. Teams must have a minimum of 6 players at the scheduled start time of the game. The team(s) which does not field 6 players after the first 5 minutes of the game shall forfeit the game and the opposing team gets the full points. If both teams don’t have a minimum of 6 players after the first 5 minutes of the game then both teams shall forfeit the game and no points shall be awarded.
  15. A goal can only be scored if touched in the offensive half of the field by any player (offense or defense). A goal cannot be scored directly from the defensive half of the field. If the ball is kicked from the defensive side of the field and crosses the goal line, a goal kick will be awarded to the defensive team. No goal will be scored.
  16. Slide tackling and making contact with another player is not allowed and will result in a minimum of a yellow card. The Referee will have discretion of punishment. Sliding is allowed to intercept a ball, stop the ball from going out of bounds, etc.
  17. Any player (other than the goalkeeper) who deliberately stops a goal scoring opportunity with their hands will be assessed a yellow or red card (Referee discretion) and a penalty kick will be awarded at the discretion of the referee.
  18. The ruling of a goal shall be at the complete discretion of the Referee. Arguing can result in a yellow card, red card, or dismissal.



There will be four Divisions made up of 3 teams for a total of 12 teams. Each team will play the other two teams within their division in a round robin fashion. A win will count as three points, a tie will count as one point, and a loss will not receive any points. Within each Division, the teams will be seeded based on their record after the Preliminary Rounds. If after the Preliminary Rounds, two teams in the same division have the same record, the team with the higher point differential in their games will be seeded higher. Tiebreakers shall follow this sequence:

  1. Points
  2. Goal differential
  3. Head-to-head
  4. Goals against
  5. Goals scored

After the Preliminary Rounds, there will be the Playoff Rounds in which teams will face their opponents based on ranking. This round is single elimination, so the team that wins out will be crowned champions.


Referee’s Rights:

  • The Referee is the official timekeeper.
  • Referee will instruct scorekeeper to put correct time and/or score on game clock when in doubt.
  • Referees can confirm or discuss rules with Tournament Officials, however Officials DO NOT have right to overturn any referee decisions.


Dead-Ball Kicks/Throws

General Rule: Defending players must stand at least 5 feet away from the ball during dead ball kicks.

  • Kick Offs: This is to begin the game and the ball can be kicked in any direction. However you cannot score directly from a kick off.
  • Direct and Indirect Kicks: Hand balls, corner kicks, and penalty kicks are considered direct kicks and can score a goal directly. Kick offs, kick ins, and free kicks are considered indirect kicks where goals cannot be scored directly. The Referee has complete discretion for ball placement.
  • Throw-Ins: When the ball goes out of bounds it will be thrown in.
  • Goal Kicks: Can be taken from anywhere within goal box.
  • Penalty Kicks: These are awarded at the Referee’s discretion within the penalty box. Arguing penalty kicks can result in a red card or expulsion from the tournament.


Game Length / Format:

  • Game Clock:
    • Injury time is when referee stops play:
      • For injury, loss of contact lens, etc.
      • To confer with scorers or clock operator.
      • For any emergency. Neither team will be assessed timeout.
  • Regulation and overtime all begin at the center of the pitch.
    • To start second half, offense will be granted to team that lost the opening coin flip.
    • In event of an overtime, yellow cards will carry over to extra period
  • Preliminary Games:
    • Regulation is two 15-minute halves with halftime of 5-minutes.
    • If score is tied at the end of regulation then each team will receive one point
  • Playoff Games:
    • Regulation is two 20-minute halves with halftime of 5-minutes
    • First Overtime is 5-minutes (running clock). If score is still tied after First Overtime, then the game will be decided by penalties.
      • The first round of penalties will consist of 3 shots per team to be taken by 3 players from the last 7 players who were on the pitch in overtime.
      • If the teams are still tied after the first round then the shoot out will become sudden death with one penalty kick for each team till a winner is determined. The kickers shall be the other four players on the team who did not take a penalty in the first round.
  • If at five minutes or at any point under five minutes in the second half, a team goes ahead by 10 or more goals, the game will end as a result of the mercy rule.
  • If clock is stopped, it can only be restarted by referee discretion.


Disciplinary Actions:

  • Suspensions:
    • Fighting, includes, but is not limited to:
    • Trying to strike an opponent with arms, hands, legs, or feet with intention of punching, kicking, pushing or shoving, regardless of whether contact is made.
    • Instigating fight by committing an unsportsmanlike act toward an opponent that causes opponent to retaliate by fighting.
    • A player who retaliates will face these same rules.
    • Any act of fighting will be penalized by automatic EJECTION from the tournament.
    • When fight has occurred, referees will determine individuals who were involved in fight and any players that left bench to escalate fight.
    • Other Suspensions:
      • Instances with alcohol at premises are reviewable for suspension and possibly expulsion from Marjaan Soccer Tournament.
      • Instances where dress code is abused are reviewable for suspension. Utilize locker room or changing room at facility as necessary. Shorts/Pants and Jerseys/Shirts must be worn at ALL times.