Step One

Register your team

Register your team by clicking here.

Once you register your team in step one, please pay for your team to secure a spot in the tournament. If you pay on the day of the tournament,  you will not be guaranteed a  spot. There are a total of 12 team slots available for the tournament. The tournament will give priority to teams on the “First Come, First Serve” basis. For the teams, which pay online they will be given priority over teams which pay onsite.

Step Two

Pay Online

By clicking hereThis will not guarantee you a spot. There are a total of 32 team slots (16 slots for 13-17 & 16 slots for 18-up) available for the tournament. During checkout, please enter team and captain name in the comments field to allow us to mark the team paid in the registration roster.
Step Three

Review and bring the required information for the day of tournament

Before the day of the tournament, make sure to read all the rules and regulations. On the day of tournament, make sure to bring a copy of the signed waiver form. You can download the required waiver form below: